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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

On Policy Decision Support for Big Data

When dealing with big data (inclusive of hybrid and unstructured one), it is very hard to understand the implications and impact of defining (security, business, sharing, privacy, etc.) policies on this data.
Which data is actually affected by the policies? Are these policies comprehensive? Are there corner cases that are not covered? Further complexity is introduced by the fact that analytics can be performed on big data, whose outcomes and implications are unknown at priori, as well.
Decision support tools are required to help policy makers to explore the implications of defining policies on big data and related analytics. In my view, these tools must provide synthetic visualization of big data as well as real-time feedback on the implications of defining specific policies and related constraints.
I am looking for:

- Tools providing synthetic, visualization of big data as well as potential analytics

- Public documentation, approaches, case studies, solutions, etc. describing how businesses currently cope with the consequences of defining (security, business, privacy, sharing, etc.) policies on big data

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