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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Update: HPL R&D work on Big Data for Security

At HP Labs we are making good progress in our R&D work on “Big Data for Security”, aiming at identifying new security threats and issues from large amounts of collected data logs.

We have already identified a few key threats happening within organisations, including last-generation malware infections as well as misconfigured devices. We are actively looking for trials with HP customers, whilst aiming to transfer our new technologies in next generation HP SW security solutions.

Our current work focuses on massive amount of DNS data collected from DNS servers and aiming to subsequently correlate with other types of data logs.

We leverage key HP HAVEn assets to provide integrated real-time and historical analytic solutions along with compelling visualization. Specifically we currently use HP ArcSight Logger, HP ArcSight ESM, HP Vertica and HP TippingPoint RepSM as the underlying “big data infrastructure” to build our security analytical framework.

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