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Friday, August 9, 2013

My Tweets of the Week (05-09 August 2013)

My tweets of the week (05-09 August 2013) at


·         RAM wars: RRAM vs. 3D NAND flash, and the winner -  #in

·         Enterprise whales leave R&D to the startup minnows -  #in

·         The 7 Steps Of Big Data: How To Make It Work -  #in

·         Detect the undetectable: Start with event logs - ? #in

·         Banks seek big data, analytics and security start-ups for tech accelerator -  #in

·         Malware-as-a-service blossoms in Russia, vendor research finds -  #in

·         DMARC: another step forward in the fight against phishing? -  #in

·         Big Data strategy essentials for business and IT -  #in

·         A strategic approach to cloud integration -  #in

·         There's a tide of unstructured data coming - start swimming -  #in



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