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Friday, August 9, 2013

On Big Data for Security and Analytics Technologies

I found an interesting report, by Enterprise Strategy Group, called “The Evolution of Big Data Security Analytics Technology” providing an overview of the market landscape.  In my view, two key areas are open to research and innovation:


·         Real-time big data security analytics

·         Asymmetric big data security analytics

From a security perspective, whilst an increasing number of new tools, solutions and frameworks are emerging in these areas, there are a few key challenges that need to be addressed.  They relate to the quality and effectiveness of big data analytics: how to make sense of big (security) data and provide meaningful insights in order to identify new threats and security issues; how to capture this knowledge into repeatable and simplified capabilities that can be used by a wide range of stakeholders.


These are going to be key R&D aspects to be addressed in the future, in addition to the well-known big data issues i.e. dealing with velocity, volume and variety of data.


In particular HP and HP Labs are in a unique position to make progress here, also thanks to opportunity to leverage key HP assets in the space of security and big data management i.e. HP ArcSight, HP Vertica and HP Autonomy.  




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