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Friday, September 6, 2013

My Tweets of the Week (02-07 September 2013)

My tweets of the week (02-07 September 2013) at

·         Aussie startup Packetloop turns big data APT forensics into Arbor Networks success -  #in

·         How Big Data Is Transforming The Mobile Industry -  #in

·         Looking for public statistics about cyber attacks that exploit/leverage DNS infrastructure and related capabilities #in

·         3 Lessons CMOs Take Away From IT's Flawed Approach to Big Data -  #in

·         Preparing for HP customer meeting. Presenting and demonstrating our R&D work on Situational Awareness and Big Data for Security #in

·         Exploring the Big Data Stack - 

·         10 hard-earned lessons of a lifetime in IT -  #in

·         A Closer Look into the Future Big Data Ecosystem [INFOGRAPHIC] -  #in

·         Tor Use Uptick - #in


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